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Our Selection Process

Step-by-Step Systematic Search Methodology

Executive Leadership Solutions' selection process is a comprehensive approach that is tailored to each client. Consulting services are provided from the commencement of a search to the selection of a candidate to follow-up. Executive Leadership Solutions manages the entire process and handles all administrative duties. This personalized attention frees your executives, search committee members, or volunteers to focus their attention on the vital decision-making elements of the selection process.

  1. Understanding Your Organization
    Executive Leadership Solutions completes research and conducts interviews with key individuals to develop an understanding of the organization, its goals, and the expectations for the new executive. A written report is prepared reflecting the nature of the operational environment and conclusions drawn from the information gathered. Any ambiguity is addressed on the front end in order to obtain the best outcome.

  2. Definition of the Job
    Using information gathered during the interview process and organization research, a job profile is crafted. This assures that ELS has a clear understanding of the primary job duties, in order of priority, key responsibilities, and reporting relationships of the position, as well as the education, experience, and personal characteristics sought in a candidate. The profile is critical to the ultimate success of the recruiting assignment, as it establishes the specifications for the position from the client's point of view. The client then confirms the identified specifications in writing.

  3. Recruitment/Targeting Candidates
    I conduct an exhaustive search to identify candidates. A variety of sources are used, including advertisement, industry contacts, research resources, professional associations, and our own database. An open recruitment process is promoted and confidentiality is maintained for the client and candidates. Referrals are gleaned from an extensive network of executives across the country for candidates who might not otherwise be interested in recruitment.

  4. Candidate Screening
    Candidates who are both desirable and interested in the position are evaluated in terms of their qualifications, compatibility, and other pertinent criteria.

  5. Candidate Assessment
    Research on semi-finalist candidates is completed to verify background, accomplishments, personality fit, and most importantly, the match to the job profile. Only the most qualified candidates are presented. A concise written report is prepared for each semi-finalist containing employment and salary history, education, scope of responsibility and authority, administrative abilities, technical knowledge, communications skills, and issues of organizational fit. Semi-finalist candidate screening typically includes formalized personality testing.

  6. Finalist Interviews
    Guidance is provided to organize a committee to interview candidates. Behavior-based interview questions and procedures are developed to ensure thoroughness and adherence to legal requirements.

  7. Background Referencing
    Background inquiries that include criminal, credit, and print-media searches are arranged for finalist candidates.

  8. Communications and Negotiations
    To solidify working relationships, I maintain constant communications between client and candidate as negotiations are finalized. Valuable feedback is provided to both parties as desired. ELS will also assist clients in negotiations with candidates regarding compensation, benefits, terms, etc.

  9. Orientation and Follow-up
    ELS is committed to a smooth transition for the client and new executive. Guidance is provided to insure an efficient learning curve and social transition.
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