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The ELS Advantage

The Benefits of Using Executive Leadership Solutions
  • Extensive experience in the economic development field.

  • Objectivity, confidentiality, and thoroughness.

  • Efficient use of time for decision-makers in the selection process.

  • Access to a broad professional network and knowledge of the market.

  • Assistance in evaluating your expectations, relevant organizational structure and reporting issues, and definition of a realistic job profile for your leadership position.

  • Preparation of a customized job profile that defines qualifications, duties, and performance expectations.

  • Reduced direct approaches to decision-makers by unqualified applicants.

  • Identification of the best candidates for a position, including those not active in the job market.

  • Qualification of all the candidates that present themselves for consideration.

  • Expert guidance in the development of an employment agreement.

  • Follow-ups with each new executive to facilitate their transition.

  • Improved decision-making and reduced risk of unpleasant surprises.

  • Eliminating the wasted time and expense of a less than perfect fit.
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